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Simply touch the skin or hair during an examination with this hand-held camera microscope and you and your client will see beautiful live color video images on a computer screen or monitor. Just by touching the sample with the internally lit lens tip, you are instantly illuminating, and magnifying to the screen. A simple focus wheel ensures you have the clearest picture possible. Capture still images or video for further evaluation and for client archiving and comparison over time, or print images for client files.

The USB-225 is unique among our other products because it is the only digital camera with a 1x to 100x zoom lens and special magnification tips at 12x, 14x polarized, 40x, 50x, 50x polarized and 100x. The zoom lens and tips make buying extra lenses unnecessary and the tips are specifically designed for skin and hair examination. This camera is the best of the digital cameras for skin and hair examination and the best value of all the digital cameras. Works best with optional SkinSys and HairSys examination and analysis software. Also has an optional 400x lens for hair examination.

Skin and Hair Application

• Most effective way to sell treatment and product solutions
• Enhance aesthetician or dermatologists ability to analyze skin and hair condition during an exam
• Enhances the client's understanding of the aesthetic characteristics of the texture and features of their hair and skin
• Results of skin or hair care treatments can be documented and easily viewed
• View surface and sub-surface conditions when polarized lens tips are used
• Create the most advanced system for skin or hair examination, analysis, and recommendation of treatments and products by adding the optional SkinSys or HairSys software
• Best quality, best value, and best design for skin examination compared to all other digital cameras
• A very economical solution compared to other models because of the 1-100x zoom lens and unique tips
• Make an impact and sell your solution with the USB-225!


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USB-225 Skin & Hair Exam Kit - USB-225 camera with USB cable, 1x to 100x zoom lens, 12x, 40x, 50x, 50x polarizing and 100x contact lens tips, small plastic carrying case USB-225 $895




USB-225 Ultimate Skin & Hair Kit - USB-225 camera with USB cable, 1x to 100x zoom lens, 12x, 40x, 50x, 50x polarizing and 100x contact lens tips and 400x-500x lens w/tip, small plastic carrying case USB-225/400 $1145




USB-225 Examination Camera and Skinsys Software Kit -  USB-225 camera set w/1x-100x zoom, Moisture Checker, Sebum Stand, Sebum Stickers and Skinsys Software USB-225SS $2090





• Available Lenses: 1-100x zoom lens with the following magnification tips: 12x, 40x, 50x, 50x polarizing, 100x. 400x lens also available. All internally lit LED’s.
• Image sensor: 1/4” CMOS
• Resolution: 640 x 480
• Output: USB 1.1
• Cable length: 6.5 feet or 2m
• Power source: USB powered
• White Balance: Factory preset with manual software controls
• Color Adjustments: Factory Preset with manual software controls
• Weight: 5.1 oz or 145g (Main unit with cable)
• Warranty: one year

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