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Moist Sense is a hand-held skin moisture sensor. By placing the tip directly on the skin and pressing the measurement button, a numerical readout is then displayed. This number can then be compared to the included chart and a relative skin moisture condition is confirmed. Perfect for detecting areas of dry skin, MoistSense will help any practitioner improve their ability to service their customers.
Basic moisture sensor in a slim, pen-shaped housing. Relative moisture values corresponding to a scoring scale from 0 to 99 are displayed on a digital readout.

Skin and Hair Application

• Results are shown in numbers
• Easy to read chart translates the reading
• Show clients exactly where areas of dryness are
• Help build trust with clients


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Moist Sense - moisture sensor for skin moisture content by Moritex





Measurements: Moisture (Electrical Conductivity): 0-99
Display: Digital LCD Display, 2 digit Numericand Indicator Bars
Power Supply: Battery operated (Alkaline preferred) 2 x Type AA (LR6) (included)
Power consumption: 30matt
Dimensions: 1.22 x 0.71 x 6.14" (31 x 18 x 156mm, W x H x L)

Additional information:

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